Custom Chrome - UltraCool Oil Coolers and Systems
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UltraCool Oil Cooling System

Most riders will agree that when you are stuck in stop-n-go traffic or riding on those hot summer days, is when your bike will start to build up excessive amounts of heat leading to loss of performance, shortened engine longevity as well as discomfort to the rider. The goal is to maintain your engines oil temperature. The way to do this is to let your engine get up to 210-220 to burn off the condensation in the crank cases. Then turn on the fan to drive the temperature down to 190 at that time the fan will turn off. As the temperature goes up to 210 the fan turns on to keep your engine cool. An oil cooler should be built to last, Made from top quality materials. UltraCool uses all stainless steel bolts and nylock nuts. The covers are a steel construction with an ABS plastic grill that can take the abuse from the rocks and debris from the road. The custom made oil filter adapter is machined from 6061 aluminum. The cooling fans are water resistant and dust proof and the thermal switch is rated at 100,000 cycles of service.


Touring Models
642202 Fits 09-15 FLH/FLT models (except for Trikes) chrome $399.99
642203 Fits 09-15 FLH/FLT models (except for Trikes) black $399.99
642200 Fits 99-08 FLH/FLT models (except for Trikes) chrome $399.99
642201 Fits 99-08 FLH/FLT models (except for Trikes) black $399.99
642208 Fits 09-15 Trike models, chrome $399.99
642209 Fits 09-15 Trike models, black $399.99
642206 Fits 99-08 Trike models, chrome $399.99
642207 Fits 99-08 Trike models, black $399.99
Dyna Models
642204 Fits 93-15 FXD models, (non ABS) chrome $399.99
642205 Fits 93-15 FXD models, (non ABS) black $399.99
Softail Models
642210 Fits 00-15 Softail models, chrome $499.99
642211 Fits 00-15 Softail models, black $499.99

Heavy Duty Design

  • All steel housing for increased durability
  • Sturdy ABS grill deflects road debris from fans
  • Heavy-duty 1/8 inch thick mounting bracket

Dual Fan Technology

  • Compact yet powerful blade design for maximum air
  • Powerful dual 90CFM fans
  • Fans are rated to IP55 standards to resist dust and moisture invasion

Heat Exchanger

  • Highly efficient 17-row design for maximum air cooling

Custom Oil Adaptor

  • Solid aluminum construction with a silicone coated gasket
  • 6-bolt pattern for a leak free installation
  • Built in thermal switch to help maintain the proper oil operating temperature

Braided Stainless Steel Oil Lines

  • Assembled from SS304 stainless braiding with PTSE silicone high temperature tubing and a black nylon cover
  • AN-6 fittings for maximum oil flow

LED Indicator Light

  • Dash mounted LED for high visibility
  • A clear indication your fans are working
  • Another UltraCool exclusive